About I-GOAL

The success that people achieve in life comes from having a plan, rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. Simple in its form. Achieved only through tenacity and dedication.

I-GOAL Mapping Your Life’s Success and I-GOAL Defining Your Life’s Success are 9 class courses that provide respectful processes for young adults to develop their plan for success in life. We lay out the basics so that they can figure out what works for them.

Your Life's Success

In I-GOAL Defining Your Life’s Success students will develop their expectations for who they will be as individuals.

They will be challenged to accept their capacity for self-determination, to focus on what they control, to understand the power of personal responsibility and to come up with a plan to handle life’s inevitable disappointments.

Because life is a never ending series of interactions with others, students will be asked to put core interpersonal skills to practice in their daily lives.

Your Life's Success

In I-GOAL Mapping Your Life’s Success students will develop a goal map that will be their plan for what they want and where they want to go in life.

They will be encouraged to develop expectations for their short term and long term financial goals, work and career goals, belonging and quality of life goals.

There is a strong emphasis on the ethos of goal setting - being efficient with their time and energy, setting goals and taking committed action toward achieving those goals.


To make the I-GOAL experience even more meaningful each student will be asked to have mentors for the courses. Mentors can be parents, family members or any other person that the student believes can provide good feedback during the process.

What's Included

Access to the secure page for each course provides a course book in PDF form and nine brief video presentations. Students should print the course book, view the assigned video for each class and fill out the assignments.

I-GOAL has been developed to have flexibility in its delivery. It can be taken as a stand-alone, self-directed online course or taken with some level of supervision. Its impact is amplified by involving others in the process.